Certification Program

Program Direction:

       Fundamental Certification

  • A written and physical assessment of the fundamental knowledge and skills required to proficiently perform foundational or basic glazing tasks
  • The emphasis of which will be on factors and elements that tend to minimize glazing related defects and failures, and conform to customer requirements

       Endorsement Certifications (Potential future development)

  • Certification in skill-sets required for proficiency in specific product categories
Steering Committees:

There are steering committees that, in unison, provide guidance for the program’s overall model, scope, and direction; and individually develop knowledge items, and assessment processes.  Each committee is comprised of an equal representation of industry leaders from the three major segments of the industry:

  • Glazing contractor companies
  • Glaziers
  • User community, consisting of manufacturers/suppliers, architects, spec writers, consultants, and other industry related personnel
The 4 steering committees:
  • Glazing theory; Construction document and layout; Glass and panels
  • Glazing systems; Sealants and gaskets / ancillary materials
  • Tools/equipment of the trade; Quality control/failure prevention
  • Physical test assessment
Steering Committee Members:


Body of Knowledge

There are 30 glass and glazing related knowledge, skill, and ability areas from which the written and physical exams will draw: