Our Mission


Develop a mechanism to validate that an experienced AGMT has the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities to perform work in a manner that will minimize defects and failures, and conform to customer requirements.


Program Scope:

The Architectural Glass and Metal Technician Certification Program (AGMT) is designed to provide an independent assessment (written and practical) of the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the experienced glazing technician in:

  • Glazing theory and the ability to practically apply that knowledge
  • Utilization of tools of the glazing trade and demonstration of safe work practices
  • Demonstration of competency in interpreting construction drawings and ability to lay out and install various types of glazing systems for glass and architectural panels
  • Application of sealants, gaskets, and barriers to weatherize those systems
  • Understanding and possessing a working knowledge of quality controls and assurance.


The emphasis of this assessment will be directed toward factors that will tend to minimize construction defects and failures, and conform to customer requirements.   The Program is not a training program, nor intended for inexperienced technicians.