(updated June 16th, 2020)


AGMT offering Remotely Proctored Knowledge-based Tests (KBT) in the convenience of your own home.

Beginning June 17th, 2020, Candidates in the AGMT Program will be able to log into their secure CIP account to register for the AGMT Remotely Proctored Knowledge-based Test (KBT).


What is Remotely Proctored KBT?

A live professionally-trained proctor will securely connect to your computer at home to deliver the AGMT Knowledge-based Test via a web browser.


When can I take the Remotely Proctored KBT?

The first events will be offered during the week of June 29th and run through the end of August. While seating is limited on a first-come first-served basis, we do not anticipate capacity issues.

Day and evening times are available, as are Saturdays. Note: Events do not run on US Holidays.


How do I schedule my Remotely Proctored Knowledge-based Test?

The AGMT Application process remains the same as it always has:

  1. Create an online Certification Information Portal (CIP) account at cip.agmtprogram.com
  2. Submit Pre-requisite information through your online account
  3. Once approved and you become an AGMT Candidate, you will use your CIP Account to Register for one of many available Remotely Proctored KBTs.

For full details on how to sign up for and take the Remotely Proctored KBT, please review the Remotely Proctored KBT Candidate Instructions, here.


Is the Remotely Proctored KBT different from the KBT offered at a test site or training center?

The in-person Knowledge Based Test (what a candidate sees on a computer screen) isn’t any different than the one we’ve been delivering for the past year, the only difference is that you can now take it at home on your own computer. Whether taking the KBT at a test site or via the Remote Proctoring online platform, the test must be completed under witness from a trained Proctor.  The Remotely Proctored platform that AGMT uses allows your test to be viewed live by a proctor over your internet connection.


Have the Program Pre-requisites or requirements changed because of the Remote Proctored KBT?

The Program Pre-requisites and other requirements to become AGMT-certified remain the same.  You can review the full Program requirements by reading the AGMT Candidate Handbook, located here.


What’s needed in order for me the take the Remotely Proctored KBT on my computer?

  • A Windows or MacOS computer or laptop with the latest version of the Google Chrome web browser installed
  • A webcam (either built into your laptop or separate)
  • A smartphone
  • An internet connection

For full details on the technical specifications required to take the test on your computer, please review the Candidate Quick Guide, here.


Who will deliver the Remotely Proctored KBT?

AGMT has partnered with BTL Surpass, located in Exton, PA.  BTL Surpass has decades of experience delivering online tests throughout the world.  Their Surpass delivery platform is one-of-kind and offers the latest in secure exam delivery.  AGMT has worked extensively with BTL Surpass to ensure the AGMT Candidate experience is as streamlined and secure as possible.  For more information on BTL Surpass or their award-winning exam delivery platform, please visit their website, here.


How do I know the Remotely Proctored KBT is as secure and equivalent to the in-person KBT?

AGMT’s Remotely Proctored KBT has undergone the same rigorous Accreditation review as the in-person KBT to ensure it’s equivalent, secure and offers the same assessment that the in-person KBT offers.  You can view AGMT’s Certificate of Accreditation issued by ANSI (the American National Standards Institute), here.


Exam security is of paramount importance, and includes preserving the exam content for all AGMT Test-takers. Specifically with regards to the Knowledge-Based Test, there are aids that aren’t allowed while taking the test. Prior to taking the test, please familiarize yourself with the list of unauthorized aids, here.


Do I still need to take the Performance-based Test to gain certification?

Yes, all Candidates must pass both the KBT and PBT in order to gain AGMT Certification.  The Program requirements for gaining certification have not changed.


When can I take the Performance-based Test (PBT) portion the of the AGMT Assessment?

Due to COVID-19 concerns all AGMT Performance-based Tests have been stopped to ensure the safety of Candidates and Examiners. The earliest we expect we could safely resume in-person PBTs would be the Fall/Winter of 2020.

By taking the Remotely Proctored KBT, you will be the first to know when Performance-based Tests resume.


Will the Remotely Proctored KBT go away once COVID-19 concerns are gone?

While the Program will also resume in-person KBTs when PBTs resume, we will still offer Remotely Proctored KBTs to all AGMT Candidates.  Besides being a safer alternative to in-person KBTs, the Remotely Proctored KBT offers Candidates an opportunity to begin the AGMT certification process at their convenience and will only serve to strengthen the reach of the AGMT Program and further our goal of recognizing capable and competent glaziers, regardless of physical location.


If you have any questions, concerns or feedback about the Remotely Proctored KBT, please contact us at staff@agmtprogram.com or 1-315-646-2234 Ext. 214